Vilarejo do Quim Inn


The Inn

The fog, the fresh air, the many springs and the Atlantic Rain Forest are just some of the many attractions Vilarejo do Quim Inn offers.

Spread over 120 acres (480,000m²) of land and totally committed to the sustainable tourism, the inn has everything to provide you with a pleasant and unforgettable stay.

The guest can safely wander on trails, around rivers, waterfalls and belvederes, led by local guides, or else relax and enjoy our beautiful facilities which include a heated pool, sauna and massage service.

There are also themed workshops about home garden, pupunha (peach palm) palmetto crops, cooking and sustainability. The workshops are only available on rainy days.

An attraction on its own, the restaurant is run by the owner and serves seasonally made dishes.

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Among the pupunha (peach palm) palm trees, the five cottages are spacious and comfortable. They are fully equipped with queen size bed or single beds, fireplace, gas-heated showers, 32-inch TVs and hairdryer.

All the cottages pay tribute to Brazilian writers.

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The restaurant, an attraction on its own, is run by the owner Bel Fraga. There are several menus which vary seasonally.

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Swimming pool

If you enjoy a swim, you’ll certainly have a blast with our pool, which has a 16-meter lane. On the other hand, if you prefer sunbathing and a refreshing dive, you’re also up for fun, since our pool offers spa and beach.

Observation: the pool is heated.

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For the ones who love themselves

The inn is the right place to take a break from the world and relax. It offers a sauna and a massage room. The massage sections are performed by Ricardo, who is a therapist, acupuncturist, massotherapist, reflexologist and Chinese body arts instructor.

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The divine chapel is found by the carp lake. Being small, it’s a place for peace and quiet.

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Inside the inn estate, among the Atlantic Rain Forest, you will find two self-guided trails and a monitored one. The self-guided trails will take you to places where it’s possible to admire the richness of the rain forest biome. The monitored trail is harder, taking around two hours. However, it will take you to the Cachoeira do Chá (Tea Waterfall), which is 35 meters high.

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Santa Bárbara Estate

Another activity of Santa Bárbara Estate, inside of which the inn is, is the pupunha (peach palm) palmetto and succulent production. You will be able to see all the steps of their production, from plantation to harvest, in which you can also take part.

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At our shop you can buy crafts made by the locals, articles found around the inn, pupunha (peach palm) palmetto and succulents.

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